Monday, August 15, 2011

Some evidence for the life of Jesus......mentioned outside of the Bible...

Some evidence for the life of Jesus, mentioned outside of the Bible, comes from a Jewish historian by the name of Josephus.

Josephus was born in 37 A.D., just a few years
after the crucifixion of the  Lord Jesus Christ. He
was the son of a priest named Matthias and at the
age of 19 he became a Pharisee in Jerusalem. Later
in his life he was appointed a commander in Galilee
during the Jewish revolt against Rome.
           After surrendering to the Romans, he was
taken before the Roman Commander Vespasian and
prophesied that God had shown him in a dream that
Vespasian and his son Titus would soon become
Emperor's of Rome. Shortly afterwards the dream
became reality and Josephus became a member of
Vespasian's household. During his stay in Rome he
wrote two works dealing with Jewish history.
In his work entitled Jewish Antiquities, which
was written between 70 and 100 A.D., he mentions
Jesus the Messiah.
Josephus is quoted below by Eusebius, an early
Christian Bishop, in 324 A.D.: "It was during this time-frame that Jesus lived,
a wise man, if anyone could really call him a man.
For he did many deeds that were out of the ordinary
and was an instructor of those who accept the truth.
Many of the Jews and Greeks put their trust in him.
He being the Messiah. When our chief leaders accused him, Pilate condemned him to the cross, but
his original disciples continued to follow him; for he
had appeared before them on the third day alive
again, as the prophets of God had spoken of these
and countless other marvelous things about him. And
the tribe of Christians, who had been named after
him, remains to this present day".

Some dispute that he wrote this but that is not my point. My point is that the name "The Tribe Of Christians" is a usable name for this 'collection' or 'set' of people.

The Tribe of Christians...

The Tribe of Christians...

What a beautiful name for the followers of Jesus....

The word "Church" is so misconstrued today..... have this thing called "christianity"...."orthodox", "catholic", "reformed", "protestant", "non-denominational", "free", "spirit-filled", "conservative".....all making up this "Tribe" of "christians".

So...out of the "Twelve Tribes .....

( ... 

comes this "tribe" who accepted this man Jesus as the Messiah ... and that is what got them rejected by the religious order of the day ... the magisterium of the "twelve tribes"....

Acts 26:7

(here Paul refers to 'the twelve tribes'...) ....

 trial [to be judged on the ground] of the hope of that
promise made to our forefathers by God, 

7 Which hope [of the
Messiah and the resurrection] our twelve tribes confidently expect
to realize as they fervently worship [without ceasing] night and day.
And for that hope, O king, I am accused by Jews and considered a

8 Why is it thought incredible by any of you that God
raises the dead? 9 I myself indeed was [once] persuaded that it
was my duty to do many things contrary to and in defiance of the
name of Jesus of Nazareth. 10 And that is what I did in Jerusalem;
I [not only] locked up many of the [faithful] saints (holy ones) in
prison by virtue of authority .....

Exodus ...

Exodus ...

The "Bible" ... (ie. a collection of "books": ... some "history", some "poetry", some "prophesies", some "letters of correction", some "accounts", etc.) ... yes, "Exodus", the most important book .. nothing happened after that except fulfilment!

The "Law" given ... encompassing "The Tabernacle", which is Christ. The "death sentence" and "the life saving" ... given in "Exodus".

The most important book in the Bible.

The Tribe of Christians...


Validate. That it comes from the proper reference.

Evaluate. That it is true or 'makes sense'.

Correlate. Make sure it all 'fits together' into something feasible.


The Resurrection. Had to have happened. As Paul says that without it 'all is in vain'.

The Blood. I don't recall anywhere that the 'Jews' drank 'actual blood' or ate 'actual human flesh'. Why would the celebration of of the Passover become an ordinance or sacrament where the bread and wine is actually changed into 'real blood' and 'real flesh'?

The Mammon. Everything is about blood and mammon. Look at all religion and tradition. It will speak about blood and mammon.


The tribe of Israel (twelve tribes of Israel).

The tribe of Agnostics.

The tribe of Atheists.

The tribe of Shamanism.

The tribe of Communists.

The tribe of Pagans.

The tribe of 'whatever'....

and so have the 'sub-sets' or 'blocks' or sections' within these 'tribes'.

It can get more 'complicated' when some of the 'sub-sets' or sections' purport to be 'in-line' with the correct 'standards' of the tribe.......these are called 'cults'.


The God. God exists outside of space and time.

The Space. Is space an entity? All matter sits in space....but, is space an entity?

The Universe. So many galaxies, so many stars, so many planets and so many atoms.

The Earth. This geoid floating in a gravitational hold around the sun.

The Humanity. Humanity exists (as far as we can see) in a thin layer of 'existence' stuck to a geoid floating in space.

The Church. Many facets of one concept. Looking at 'the church'. In reading a summary of Roman history, I see a lot of pagan things that were brought in to 'christianising' by the 'church' in order to 'sanctify' the pagan things. There was 'virgin worship', 'blood rituals including drinking of blood', 'worship of the emperor as god', 'worship of the mother of creation or fertility', 'etc.


If the 'followers of the law' and 'Christians' all focused on "Exodus", as a common point, then they would be able to 'combine' their 'retrospectiveness' and not dis-agree except for their acceptance of "Jesus" as the "Messiah"....and they could realise that we are all 'flesh and blood', the same.

From my experience....the 'Old Testament followers' that I know who have 'found the Messiah' in this man Joshua, son of Joseph, have realised the fulfilment of the things 'Law minded' in Him ... Immanuel ... God is with us! .........

If all of 'the tribe of christians' focus on 'the Resurrection' then we should be able to not judge each other but rather let God judge us......

Yes, focus on the 'Resurrection' .............